March 27th, 2005

Immersion is a stupid word.

Every time I hear another game developer talk about "immersion" I want to vomit. Many horrible game decisions have been made in the name of "immersion." Things like un-interruptive cutscenes, slow and unresponsive UI, annoying player character chatter, Game Over screens, etc.

I think if you really want immersion, you should ask the players, "What made the game inconsistent for you?" People are extremely good at using the same control mechanism to experience things; we use keyboards and typing to chat over the internet much in the same we we try to converse in real life. We are masters of experience through abstraction. No one argues that the written word is an outmoded form of expression or experience communication, yet there is a certain level of arrogance amongst developers that we need "innovation" in control schemes to make more immersive games. I would rather that games just be more fun to play with existing controllers.

No point, just ire.