shunji (angryzenmaster) wrote,

Two week update

By now, I'm sure you have all heard about the new content we (Bungie) are releasing as both DLC on XBL and as a separate DVD. I'm not going to step much into the debate other than to point out the main reason for the DVD: get the update and new content into the hands of the other 80% or so of people who have bought Halo 2 without a subscription to Xbox Live. I think attempting to reach out to the other 5 million or so Halo 2 players isn't such a bad motivation for an add-on DVD.

Obviously I can't get into specifics, but be sure to watch for updates on future content.

Anyway, enough on that.

Went to GDC two weeks ago and had the most fun I never expected to have. I had the opportunity to meet the sound designer for MGS3 and the audio guy (I was a little confused as to his official title, but it sounded like he did the sound programming and some content work as well) for RE4 and DMC3, all thanks to Dolby. I also got a cool Dolby bag.

(I also learned that if the last time you went on an all night bender was in college, you probably shouldn't attempt that again without a little bit of warming up 5 years later.)

Apparently my talk went well; I happened to be so incredibly nervous that I ran through the slides in 30 minutes, leaving the rest of the hour for Q/A. Fortunately, there were enough questions from the audience to fill the rest of the time. The slides will eventually be available to the public; as to when, I don't really know.

(I also went to Spain. But I'll talk about that at a later time.)

Not much mind-wrangling stuff. Maybe later.

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